A simple place to talk to myself

Hello to the world of Gemini, and to smol.pub!

I've been trying to find a space to keep track of my thoughts on various things for a few years but I always seem to spend time fiddling with tech and not actually posting or writing. The latest round of this was when I discovered Gemini around december 2020, I liked the simplicity of it all and it only seemed right to set up a server. I did 90% of that work and then never got to finishing it, nervous of putting my Raspberry Pi online for the world to see.

Smol.pub seems perfect for me, a simple and effective way to have a capsule but with it still available via the web (which somehow seems important, but I don't know why). Hopefully I can focus on writing things down instead of messing around setting up servers and style sheets and the like.

I'm also a quiet person, prone to overthinking, and somehow I'm always nervous about 'finishing' posts to a quality I would like. I hope I can get over that somehow and end up with somewhere I can talk to myself in a way that others can listen in if they like. We'll see!