Heartbreaking (Breadcrumbs)

The interesting thing about kids, if you have them - especially if they're running around in the fields which ours do a lot of - is you see that they already have this intense, intrinsic, relationship with everything else anyway. It's not theoretical, they just notice things. They see the spiders on the underside of the leaves and they see the colours of the grasses and they see when something has changed and my daughter sees faeries in the trees and is absolutely sure that they're real. And, you know, they notice things that you don't notice, and as you become an adult the process of growing up is a process of teaching yourself that none of that stuff is real so that you can go and live in civilisation because if you could remember that intense relationship with nature that you have as a kid it would be heartbreaking when you had to live in the middle of London and sit in an office all day.