Note Book

This is a space to dump thoughts and ideas in a way that does not have to be fully thought out. Ideas here are a work in progress. Pages will change on a whim. Some pages will be a chronological list of thoughts, others will collapse into coherent prose when the time and clarity of thought allows.


Ideas may or may not be organised into the following topic areas.

Communications Technology
Off Grid Living

Animal Rights and Veganism
Why Avoid Rebuildable Energy?

Low Impact Living

Being better at living in a low impact way is important to me. I'm trying to do this by exploring and experimenting with various ways of doing things that are less reliant on large scale economic systems that rely on large amounts of energy and transport. Many of these things I don't yet have time for but when I do will be focused on experiments on my allotment plot. Here are some ideas that are dumped from my head to here to stop them churning around my brain.

Rocket Stoves